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  • How do I change my membership level?
    Should you decide to change your membership level from the level you are currently registered in, we advise you to first cancel your current membership (close to the end of your monthly billing cycle so you can get the month's value), and then register for the new membership level using the same email address and password you have previously used for the Sanctuary. In this way your profile and progress will be retained.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Simply click your name in the top right corner of the Sanctuary, click My Subscriptions and then Cancel Subscription. You can contact the Help Desk by email at: and request manual assistance in cancelling your membership subscription. To ensure that there is sufficient time to manually cancel your membership subscription before your next billing cycle, your email must be received by the Help Desk at least ten (10) business days before your renewal date. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your email request has been sent to the correct email address no less than ten (10) business days before your renewal date. If you do not receive a response from the Help Desk within four (4) business days after sending your email, it is your sole responsibility to send a followup email to the Help Desk to see if your request has been received. No other options are available for cancelling a membership subscription except as outlined above.
  • How do I change my password?
    When logging in, click the "Forgot my Password" link. You will be directed to enter the email address associated with your Sanctuary account. Follow the prompts on screen, and check your email for a link to reset your password.
  • How do I change my credit card information?
    Simply click your name in the very top right of the menu, then click "My Wallet". You will be able to change your credit card information yourself right here.
  • I have a technical problem, who do I contact?
    If you find you can’t connect, have other technical problems, send an email to the Sanctuary HELP DESK: and your email will be responded to in the order that it was received.
  • What happens to the account of a Sanctuary member who has passed away?
    When notified of a Sanctuary member's passing (by a family/legal representative of the deceased), the Sanctuary administration will keep the deceased member's account open for a grace period of three months. It will remain the decision of the family/legal representative to keep the deceased member's account open or not.
  • Are scholarships available for the Sanctuary?
    While our eventual goal is to make this portal and all we offer financially accessible for all interested parties, at this time we’re not there yet, unfortunately.
  • Can I buy a membership to Anita Moorjani’s Sanctuary for someone as a gift?
    This isn't possible just yet, but we are working on it!
  • I would like to support Anita’s vision. Is there a way I can do that?
    Anita appreciates everyone’s support. If you would like to offer a financial donation, please contact us by email first so we can provide further details to you. The email address is:
  • Who do I ask if my question is not listed here yet?
    Pop us an email to and we will get right on it!
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